Sunday, November 6, 2022

Over 1,000 cats and dogs are safe after a meat truck headed for Yulin was intercepted in China

    Having been a proud person of Larry, the sweetest, goofiest Chow-mix I ever met many years ago had caused me to check out the history of the Chow-chow dog. 

    Apparently, they were bred in China to guard the fabulously intricate temples there. 

This answered my question of why Larry growled at anyone approaching the house but couldn’t care less about anyone approaching me! 

 After several generations, the temples in China gave way so much that those grand dogs were abandoned,  and soon began to be eaten! Many centuries later, the beautiful Chinese culture gave way, and all animals became vulnerable, even pets. 

  The story goes that foreign sailers saw the potential of the temple dogs and rescued, saved, and bred as many as they could, dubbing them Chow dogs. 

There’s a special place in my heart for rescuers of dogs, cats, and, okay, I admit, all critters. After all, I blatantly dedicate my candy route and this blog, to critters everywhere, and thought to share a story here of HSI, the Humane Society International Yulin rescue, an effort every year during the Yulin ‘festival’, just one among many; 

 It was a horrific scene—over 1,000 dogs and cats were crammed on a truck with dead and dying animals. Some of the animals were stolen pets being trafficked for the meat trade in China. The Chinese animal activist groups, including Capital Animal Welfare Association, worked with the police to help intercept the “death truck,” as it was headed for slaughterhouses or markets in Yulin, China.

Alongside dead dogs and cats, they found animals suffering with open wounds, broken bones, respiratory diseases and severe dehydration. 
The surviving animals are being cared for by staff at local shelters who are administering lifesaving treatments. Thanks to supporters like you, HSI provided emergency funds to help care for the traumatized animals.

The two truck drivers have been detained by police and reported to Xian Tao officials, and the trader now faces an investigation by the Agriculture Bureau. 

A majority of Chinese people want nothing to do with the dog and cat meat trade, and we will keep working to bring an end to it.

Thank you for continuing to fight for animals worldwide.


Jeffrey Flocken
President of Humane Society International’ 






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