Monday, August 28, 2017

iPhone eClipse

1) Pic of eClipse last Monday thru my iPhone.

2) Pic of regular sun, days later thru my iPhone.

3) Didn't capture this pic, but this is Exactly what it looked like thru eClipse glasses. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy eClipse Day!

So I took a pic of the eclipse on my iPhone,
(I was told u could do this if u looked at the screen,
not at the sun. I did cheat, and looked for half-a-
second at the eclipse with one eye, but looked like a
regular sun).
The pic from my phone looked like a big yellow
🍈 :-d
After that, it looked like a big yellow ball.
I'm going to take another pic later in the week,
because I have a feeling that a pic of the regular sun will
show on a phone pic as a bunch of light.
Will keep u posted here.
After that, I looked thru some eclipse glasses at
about 1:30pm, and it looked like a big yellow
half-moon. Was super awesome!
Happy eClipse Day!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bubbles Are Fun!

   Listening to M&M. Yikes!
Bubblegumballs is longer to say, but the way to go.
The vending industry tells me that toys are the way to go,
but since I always use/play/eat the product that goes into
my machines, what am I going to do with tiny toys..?
Right now, my favorite bubblegum is the Black Cherry by
Dubble Bubble, but the mixes I place are PainterZ, (colors
the tongue with the wild flavors!), Splat (each gumball has its
own Splat design), and the standard, original, and classic
Dubble Bubble bubblegumball.