Saturday, July 30, 2022

Next week is here..!

 Next week isn’t here just yet, but give it a day or two and it will be here, reliable as the day is long. 

I’m planning on getting on the road slowly but surely and yet quickly at the same time, quick there and quick back. I can take the heat but my car not so much. 

This weather is awesome for sunning and swimming, not for driving. 

Just like snowstorms can be furious and fun, but not for driving. 

Rainstorms are the best when you’re warm and dry in a cozy cabin, not for driving! 

This current heat-storm can be perfect by the beach 🏖 or the pool, not for driving..! 

So I’m going to do my best and will update here. 


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Hiroto my hero


Hiroto  (written: 浩人博人博土弘人洋人紘人裕人寛人大仁 or ヒロト in katakana) is a masculine Japanese given name.  

It can mean flying, hero, ramen, stubborn, stability, religion, boy, the number 7, no telling! 

The Japanese people don’t have interpretable characters for no reason! 

So in that case, my Toyota is hiroto for putting up with this heat! 

We’ll be back on the road next week, briefly and in fits and starts. 

See u soon!



Saturday, July 16, 2022

To my customers

 Please forgive delays in service. 

The 100+ degree heat has gotten to my Prius. It hasn’t melted or anything, but it steams! Even the doors! 

Just when I was getting used to an electric car, I see steam from the outside of the car all around it! 

Needless to say, it’s parked and safe in 100 degree shade. 

I dare not attempt to transport chocolate in this weather, and it’s not even August yet, usually the hottest time of the year! 

If this intense weather continues too much longer, I guess I’ll have to rent a car or utilize a sizable ice chest of some sort. 

Again, sorry for delay, Thanku for your patience! 


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Are those real?

Are those real bugs? 

If so, how do I feel about this? 

Do I begin new crusades to save anyone with an exoskeleton? 

Are they better than M&Ms? Chocolate? Peppermints? No way! Not possible! 

Do they melt in your mouth and not in your hands?  


Do they freshen your breath? Bug breath? Yikes!  

Are they a delicacy of some sort? Like sushi? 

Stick with M&Ms I say. 

Pure sugar, pure chocolate, nothing else.  

 Milk Chocolate, 

Sugar, Chocolate, 

Skim Milk, Cocoa Butter, Lactose,

 Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Artificial Flavors. 


Sunday, July 3, 2022