Some Store Reviews

1)  Test 

2) May 6, 2021; I discovered Little Cesars automated pizza machines a couple of months ago. No frills, just input a key-code and out your order pops. There’s still humans there, so that’s always good! But it’s a different, fun, and reliable store.  

3)  May 4, 2022; As a driver on the road for my tiny route and merchandising assignments, I rely on C-stores. A lot!  

Always a tad pricey, I keep purchases slim, but we pay for the convenience, and these quickie stores can save a lot of time, gas, and hassle. 

When they are up to date on their rewards app, the occasional freebies are decent perks. 

Circle K at 8001 W University Blvd may be new, so isn’t easy to Google which also would be why it was so clean. 

  Staff at the 8001 location friendly, customers, too! 

It was so clean that it might be a new build, except that almost all Circle Ks I’ve visited over the years have been clean.  I really appreciate that. 

  They’re behind on their rewards app or I’d make sure to find them more often, otherwise, a friendly easy place for quick snacks and goodies, and did I mention clean? That’s best!   



4)  3-20-2023; I don't know much about these guys yet, but joined before it could officially open, and decided to park link here for reference later. If it's anything to do with CBD, will delete...


It's supposed to be a very knowledgeable place to grow things. 

I received an invitation to join only after I began my own small seeds. 

Originally, I planted seeds to come up as red, white, and blue flowers. 

The red plantlets are growing like weeds, the little white ones grew and then sort of stuck. 

The blue ones started, then stopped half-way. They didn't die or grow, just sort of stopped in mid-air. I have their genus names, and hope they bloom eventually...


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