Saturday, December 31, 2022

Have a Safe 2023 🍾

 Keep Uber, Lyft, RideShare companies, and Best Friends busy..! 

Celebrate thoroughly, tip generously (and helpful drivers, too!), Uber everywhere, and party 🎉 hardy! 

Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Saturday, December 17, 2022

If only they could talk…

 I never found out where our neighborhood cats went when it iced over a few harsh winters ago. 

They didn’t wait at the doors, they didn’t show up at dinner-times, where did they go? 

I never got to find out, maybe someone else’s homes, we just saw them the rest of the year and they were always fine. When the house sold, only 1 cat barely made it over to Barn Cats, and as usual, no one could coax the other strays into the open. I’m sure they’re fine, I hope so! 

I worry for cats, but not as much as other critters because most other critters, such as dogs, can’t hide nor hibernate quite as well as their feline friends, they can’t find food, actually catch squirrels 🐿 who are themselves hibernating, and most dog breeds just aren’t loners. 

Cesar Milan; ‘One of the things I remind people of constantly when they are trying to connect with their dogs is this: Honor instinct. It really should be a simple concept. If you want your dog to behave the way you want them to, then you have to honor their instincts to get that behavior.

The trouble is, people are not instinctual. They’re intellectual and emotional. But if you try to communicate with your dog through intellect and emotion, only one thing is going to happen. Your dog is not going to understand what you want, so is going to do what he or she feels necessary in order to take control of the situation.’ 


Saturday, December 10, 2022

Please feel free to communicate

 To my beautiful customers, 

I’m available for u 24/7, don’t be shy! Please feel free to communicate any time. 

Only 1 customer, (I admit a favorite) spoke up ever so briefly that they would like new candy, this was awesome to even hear from them! I got on it right away, hoping specific vendors were still available. Ordering, shipping, prepping, not to mention giving that location extra time and thought on their, and their customers’, potential preferences puts me to work! 

Giving a preferred customer preferred attention for them and their potentially preferred customers :-) is no easy task! Well, it’s not really that difficult when u enjoy your work 🙂 

At any rate, to all my customers, please feel free to communicate thoughts, ideas, suggestions, gripes, feedback, whatever u like! 

If I don’t hear from u, I assume you’re happy as is!  

Only 1 time did the customer complain and that was because the new gumballs were ‘melting’. 

There was nothing I could do about that except wait because it turned out the mega gumballs were melting  after tasting them because they had just come from the manufacturer, not even stopping to sign in thru a vendor, and the gumballs were so fresh, they were practically melting in the customers hands, much less holding a bubble. Best ‘complaint’ I ever had..! 

I replaced that canister with one that had time to set, and was just fine. 

That said, many customers prefer soft gum, others prefer hard centers that last longer. The shelf-life for quality gumballs is amazing, so if I don’t hear from u, I can’t know who prefers what, please email, call, text, any form of communication u prefer is fine..!