Saturday, August 26, 2023

Heatwave variant 2.0 after pause

 The heatwave is back. I guess it never left, it took a 2-day or so break then resumed.

It’s not as fierce as before but that’s because I’ve gotten used to it I guess. 

Thermostats are saying it’s 109 degrees in direct sun. Digital thermostats say it’s 109 degrees but ‘feels like’ 119ยบ

I’m not looking forward to closing a business that had so much potential but never got off the ground. I’ll try to keep as many clients as I can if any. 

The heatwave should conclude sometime in September. 

Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Heatwave is over, sort of…

 The thermostats still say 100+ degrees, but the air is a bit cooler. 

Yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day of the year and it wasn’t too bad, so it can only get better I say! 

Since there was a promise of rain this week, I thought I could make it back to work this coming up Monday, but it looks like neither will happen just yet. 

September is a given, tho! 

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Wave after wave after wave

  Heatwave continues unabated with no end in sight. 

It’s annoying, dangerous, and useless. 

If there’s a reason for it, please feel free to share. 



Saturday, August 5, 2023

I found a blessing

 I found a blessing! 

During extremes, blessings are hard to find, but I found one. 

This gives me great hope because there may even be others. 

After micro-managing an oppressive heatwave and focusing on all necessary survival details, it occurred to me that one micro-annoyance I don’t have to deal with, during these extreme temps, there are no bugs! 

That is a mega-blessing to me! 

And during extreme winters, too! 

Ever the optimist, I found a blessing and I’m keeping it.