Saturday, January 15, 2022

New Year’s Resolution-Done!

 10 Fail-Safe New Year’s Resolutions, not just 1, Ten Guaranteed Successful Goals 

1. Stop Smoking before the end of the year 

2. Work outside the home 

3. Work inside the home 

4. Keep my home clean and organized 

5. Think of others 

6. Be good to myself 

7. Average at least a mile a day walk

8. Cut back on spending and start new budget 

9. Find work I enjoy 

10. Pay off at least 1 credit card before year’s end  

Guaranteed? Yes, because I’ve already done all of these, so it’s a good start!  

Except for the credit card part, that’s a toughie, but I’m going to give it my best efforts. 

Happy New Year and may your goals be reached this and every year! 


Saturday, January 8, 2022

r/Check It Out

Because there’s so much information to be shared on books, candies, chocolates, vending, trivia, holidays, critters, charities, faith, work, I usually end up scanning all over the web. 
  Instead, I’ve summarized it with one single site that can compile any questions u may have about, anything! 
   Briefly, it’s really quite an amazing place because the moderators do not interfere and yet are so effective at minimizing negativity in chats, responses or postings, that I would even venture to say that it has virtually all the benefits of Craigslist without the dangers. 
   So r/checkItOut!

Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year 2022!


I can’t really complete a review of 2021, so I’ll try a preview of 2022. 

Just like 2021 and the years before that, 2022 will be fine no matter who, what, when or where. 

How do I know this? Am I psychic? Do I extrapolate events from last year into next year? Am I plugged into the future? None of that. I place myself in God’s hands, it’s the only way to let go of negativity.  

The things that make me happy can trigger or bore others so I keep it to myself. 

 Don’t worry and be happy. Peace.  



Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas today! 🎄

 Season’s Greetings..! 

   I was going to post pics of all the new crashes I filmed this week, but not on Christmas Day! 

This day celebrates the day Jesus was born and it’s a beautiful, hopeful and loving holiday on every level. 

U have an excuse to contact friends and family. 

U can enjoy good food and presents. 

U can see where you’re going at night with all the fanciful and fun Christmas lights sending away just a bit more darkness for awhile. 

Be safe, and give any frustrations, negativity, hurts, or pain over to Gd for the day, He can handle it! 

Merry Christmas 

Saturday, December 18, 2021

How many crashes?

 How many crashes have u seen so far? 

This was only the 2nd of the day. There wasn’t a 3rd, at least that I could see. 

The 1st truck was hit so hard, it flipped twice. The sound was loud and gruesome. 

What’s worse was that after the traffic slowed down to get around the 1st crash and pedestrians, it came to a virtual stand-still once police, ambulance, and fire truck arrived. 

I grabbed a pic of the second crash because I thought it interesting to see how many crashes per day I could record. 

After everyone drove around the 2nd crash, no one slowed down and traffic picked up as if it was nothing at all. Anyone who drove under the speed limit was honked or yelled at or both. 


Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sunday, December 5, 2021

What are these called anyway?

 They are similar to BloPops, only about 1/4 the size, but here’s the thing; 

they are the tastiest little pops I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. 

I had picked up a handful one day in a store, I can’t even remember if it was a Walmart or a dollar store. 

Since I always try to sample a new candy before displaying them or adding them to an honor box, I tried it out and was quite amazed. 

It wasn’t your standard sugar, flavor, and candy or gum, it had real taste, and it was slippery like a real fruit! The tiny interior wasn’t a burst of citrus or sour like I expected, very pleasant after-taste. 

   The packaging around each pop simply says Big Big, that’s it! 

I’m not even sure customers will notice, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

  Should I happen upon them somewhere, I shall stock up on them, but if they came from a dollar store, they may have been a once a year import happenstance, overage, or a one-off of some sort. 

  If u see them, give them a try and see if u don’t notice a difference either, then let me know where they are! Thanks! 




Saturday, November 27, 2021

Other Ways to Help Critters

 These are just a few more ways to help critters, with and without budget constraints; 


Ways to give that help save lives

You can make a gift to homeless pets in a number of ways. You can create a personal fundraiser, become a Golden Circle member, make a stock donation and more.


Golden Circle members are among the most devoted and loyal supporters of Best Friends and our mission. Through annual donations of $1,000 or more, a Golden Circle member provides the critical resources necessary to support and expand Best Friends’ programs throughout the country.


By making a gift to Best Friends Animal Society through your will, trust or other financial plan, you can help Save Them All now and well into the future.


A donation of stock is a powerful and easy way to help the animals and in doing so, you’ll receive a significant tax break.


Give a gift from your donor-advised fund to help improve the lives of homeless animals.


Do you have an old car, boat, plane or other vehicle? Donate it to Best Friends through our trusted vehicle donation partner, CARS, for an easy way to help the animals.


Celebrate the important events, people and pets in your life by helping to Save Them All. It’s quick and easy to create your own personal fundraising page to generate donations for the animals of Best Friends. 


When you participate in Strut Your Mutt, you can choose to support and raise funds for Best Friends Animal Society or your favorite local participating animal welfare organization. 


Shop on AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate to Best Friends. You can shop for jewelry, books, electronics or anything else you desire. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Best Friends or another charity of your choice.


On any given day, there are about 1,600 dogs, cats and other animals living at the Sanctuary. We regularly ask our furry and feathered friends what items would most help them enjoy their lives here at Best Friends. You can help by purchasing items from their wish list.


Donating through your employer’s workplace giving campaign is a simple way to help homeless pets. Many companies will even match your donation, doubling or tripling the impact of your gift. 


Your cryptocurrency donation can help homeless pets in need.

Saturday, November 20, 2021


 There is a YouTube video of celebrations on Rodeo Drive in California. 

Like the old days. Santas, elves, stores open, obligatory glitter, and occasional masks. 

I’m shocked! No riots in sight!?!

Here at home, lights are up and traffic is back. 

As an essential worker, I had roads, streets and freeways to myself. 

Cars returned to the roads slowly but surely. 

Holiday traffic is back full-force! No room for wheelies now. 

Please drive safely everyone! 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Pets, books, candy

 Pets, books, and candy. 

Not at all sure that these 3 things have anything in common except this blog! 

This blog was started as a contact page for my candy route customers. 

I added a ‘books’ tab because I’ve always wanted a bookstore, the kind u see with the offices or apartments on the floors above them, local and friendly. Since I’d been selling books on eBay since 2000, I merged an information page about it onto this blog. 

I don’t really have time to list books anymore, much less read them, and I can’t review stores anymore either. The route is still here with information or updates to share. Enjoy! 

And blessings, always blessings…