Saturday, November 25, 2023

It’s still Thanksgiving!

 It’s still Thanksgiving today and thru the weekend. 

Having a 4-day weekend of harvest before winter ushers in Christmas is an awesome design! 

All the best to u and yours, Happy Thanksgivings weekend! 


Saturday, November 18, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

 The week after next, I’m beginning a working vacay, scouting locations, enjoying the scenery and hoping for the best! The route is so small right now that customers won’t even notice! 

   Since I’ll be traveling the tri-state areas, not real sure where I’ll land, I’ll share photos of the road with u here. For instance, I caught a pic of a tree right outside my house that I’d never really noticed before and it had the most incredible shades of greens and yellows, in November no less!?!  I almost didn’t post it because the pic doesn’t do it justice. I’ll miss my visiting birds terribly but they’re wild and smart and can be found again. Thanksgiving is a mixed blessing and I’m thankful indeed for my beautiful customers! 





Saturday, November 11, 2023

May God Bless & Keep Our Country 🇺🇸


Have an awesome Veteran’s Day weekend! 

Take advantage of all the Veteran discounts, any Senior Citizen discounts, free meals or beer! Deserve the best this weekend ! 

Happy Veteran’s Day to u and yours



Saturday, October 28, 2023

Happy Halloween!

 I really enjoy working my teeny-tiny route. 

If all goes well, I can add a few locations in the future, of course, that includes a clear path to success, such as, oh, weather! We drivers often brave quite a bit of frustration, aggravation, and obstacles to bring our customers goodies and comfort  :-) 

Still recovering from the Heatwave of 2023, I can’t fathom what winter holds, I can guess, tho, it will be cold! This is actually easier on the candies than summer-times. 

May God bless us and keep us during good times and bad, spooky times and not!

Have a Happy candiful Halloween!   




Saturday, October 21, 2023


  1. pandemic=except for essential workers=stay home. 
  2. Digital coins/currency= tips for waiters/waitresses, table-cleaners, house cleaners, gardeners, doormen, valet, drivers, honor boxes? 
  3. Heatwave; fine until tar on sides of roads starts melting=stay home.    Light rain=very needed; heavy rain=slow down; flooding=stay home; light snow=very beautiful; snow storm=beautiful from home; ice-storms=stay home; sleet=slow down; hail=potential damage all around=stay home. 
  4.   ?  



Sunday, October 15, 2023

Taking a break

After a beautiful day at the fair, their team lost the next day and there was a non-fatal shooting the day after that.

 I drove to a new location which is fine but looks like I’ll be living on the road  :-p 

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Fetlocks and feathers

 They were so close I could almost reach out and touch them, look how beautiful they are..! 

Anyone who says they are abused or mistreated in any way are looking somewhere else entirely! 

There were at least 2-3 caretakers within range of the Budweiser Clydesdales at all times, one caretaker was checking the bits on the horses and even wiped down the mouth of one of them with such care and thoughtfulness, I wished I could hire him to care for my machines and route half as much, but that’s a different story. I mean, look at the feathers surrounding the horses hooves, they are clean and trimmed to perfection. Can u imagine shoeing those big feet, they’re huge!  

The Clydesdales are groomed and must be fussed over daily, definitely well-fed. What a pleasure to see such magnificent tradition kept among us.  




Saturday, September 30, 2023

Downsizing a bit

 One benefit of a vending route is that it can carry into retirement.   :-) 

I should be a little more retired than I am and decided to downsize to save on funds. 

None of the candies I work with can be refrigerated because it invariably changes the color or texture and although it doesn’t affect flavor or freshness, it can be off-putting to customers visually, so I keep all candies at room temperature. Moving to a much smaller office makes it difficult but not impossible to continue a small route. 

I receive emails but it’s always just a return email address, no other text. I may begin replying to the emails wondering if there was a question, was a bot, spam, or comment. As far as I can tell, the comment sections are still working, so feel free to communicate with comments and email addresses. Will post any updates here.  

Saturday, September 23, 2023


 Visited 2 stores. 

 One always does well, and she couldn’t have been nicer! I was stunned, I babbled something about a delay and a heatwave and she totally understood! Am going to find a way to keep this location as long as they’ll have me  :-)  

The other store is also a favorite and I’m not sure why! 

When it’s serviced properly (me!) it does just fine. When there are delays or the candy gets low, the area around the machine gets messy and sticky. The good news about that is that whenever there are sticky gooey fingerprints around a machine, that always means kids checking it out! They may be playing around it, messing with it, sometimes they pull too many candies out with their little fingers, but it’s invariably a good location and a little cleaning goes a long way. Whether the owner keeps the machine there is always up to them, but so far so good :-)