Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Juneteenth!

 Happy Juneteenth Weekend! 

This holiday is celebrated in the state of Texas for many years, a formal holiday now. 

Considering that America is only 300 years old, and the United States even younger, slavery wasn’t that long ago, nothing was that long ago in America. Almost all other countries are 1000s of years old. 

In terms of formative years, America is still a teenager/young adult..! 

Take care of America, raise us right, stay positive, independent and true, pray to Gd continually, without expecting results, just blessings, can’t go wrong… 


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Just Saying…

 I love the old original apartment buildings. Big and friendly!

They have sequential numbers u can see from any angle, and best of all, they have the Name AND the complete full address on the front of the apartments, usually a sign or monument. 

So when GPS brings u to 2 driveways right next to each other, and there are apartment signs on each driveway with addresses, u know which one is which. 

There are a few that even share the same entrance, same driveway, similar apartment numbers. 

I can’t stand calling customers for directions, they are just hungry, sometimes even hangry, and aren’t interested in details at all. 

I’d rather stick bamboo shoots under my fingernails than call a customer for directions to their location.

 Only if they have done delivery ever in the past or present do they understand what it takes. 

The customer rarely puts the name of the apartments, and the apartments rarely put their addresses on the front of their entrances!

The worst are the newest apartment buildings that are giant blocks of concrete like prisons..! 

No name, no address, no signs. Totally locked down with gates on the doors that have magnetic keypads, no instructions, horrible! 

No visitor parking. Really hostile designers or planners in my opinion. 

It seems like delivery companies could work with apartment/condo builders to think of those things with residents in mind, just saying…

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Monday, May 31, 2021

In Memoriam

In Memory of Those who Served 

Heavenly Father, on this Memorial Day, Thank you for those brave veterans who have given their all to protect this country. 

Bless them and their families. 

And give those serving the strength to cope with life after the military. 

May they know how grateful we are for their service. 

We ask you to hear our prayer, Father, Amen. 



Saturday, May 22, 2021

Apartments Designers’ Kudos & Budos

 KUDOS- to apartment builders and designers that still utilize the good old-fashioned sequential numbering system for apartment design. 

BUDOS- to designers who placed building numbers behind carports, roofs, or trees. 

KUDOS- to apt designers who not only place building numbers in sequence, but who also place permanent signage near entrances, and throughout huge complexes, directing drivers to correct building numbers. 

BUDOS- to apartment designers who think numbers are passé and no longer place addresses nor numbers on apartment entrance monuments.  

KUDOS- to apt designers who place visible lighting above each apt building number clearly at night (actually, I swear, I have yet to see this). 

BUDOS- to newer apt block building designers who have magnetic keypads at wire doors with no numbers, no keys nor speakers, no instructions, hint nor clue (I see this all the time). 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Kudos or Budos?

 Kudos or Budos 

Kudos to the young man who walked me to my car with an umbrella during a terrible storm after a restaurant pickup. I thanked him and said, ‘Gd Bless’. I don’t know how he took it but I meant it in its most positive way. 

Boo-dos to the elderly gentleman working at the pet store who wore an upside-down flag face-mask. When I asked him why he did that, he replied that at least he didn’t salute it (?)  

This is for you; 



Along with automated $5 donations to Dog n Kitty City, I’ve also included an auto $5 monthly donation to Best Friends animal sanctuary. 

It’s a little difficult to copy/paste it here without giving away my minuscule financial information, but I’ll try to include copies of it to the Rescue tab/page soon.  



Saturday, May 8, 2021

Found a Donation Home

 I found a home for monthly automated donations, at least for now, to one of very few no-kill shelters. 

Best Friends pledged to make the entire country no-kill by 2025 but that’s coming up sooner than they thought! Still an awesome animal sanctuary. 

In the mean-time, DogNKitty City was created as a no-kill shelter for dogs & cats. It’s a small shelter in an industrial area but they’ve got good support and I hope they can expand. 

It’s a tiny route, a tiny shelter, and a tiny $5 monthly donation. 


Saturday, May 1, 2021


 It looks like my monthly automated donations to HSUS have stopped. 

Taking a look, I saw that has changed a lot. 

For one thing, the Humane University has moved to, of all places, 

Madonna University..!?! Yep,, where;  

Get your degree in a cutting-edge field connecting social justice, environmental conservation, and animal protection.  

I guess anything’s possible these days as banks, schools, conferences, and classes have been moving online. 

I’m not going to concern my work with social justice, laws, or the environment. 

Critters, that’s it, just critters. 

I realize that laws can benefit animals, social justice can help the climate which can help the animals, and on it goes, but what I found is that it ended up taking me further and further from the critters themselves. 

I should say here that it is my intention to help animals, that is, the care and comfort of animals. Realizing this can mean helping people help animals, it moves too far into a political/social realm and animals get left behind yet again. 

Real work with real animals looks more like this; 


This guy runs his shelter somewhere in Greece, he has lots of volunteers and employees. 

If u think the New World is cruel to animals, it’s nothing like the Old World. And it’s not really cruelty so much as it is disregard. Animals are virtually things there, like furniture that eats and poops and that’s it. 

This guy sees them as beings with feelings, souls, instincts, thoughts and care. He stays on grounds with them day and night and dedicates his life to them. I couldn’t do it, I don’t know many who could, but I would if I could but I can’t so I don’t. 

I do what I can which really isn’t much at all compared to dedication such as Takis Shelter, but I try. 

I’ve long been a fan of Cesar Milan, the American version. 

I have no idea of their political leanings and really truly don’t want to know, I’d just like to see more awareness available of the healing powers of unconditional love and hope more centers like these continue to thrive. 

I’m aware of the political leanings of HSUS and try to avoid anything that isn’t directly applied to the care and comfort of animals, so with all the new information available, I’ll re-start my tiny monthly donations to one of these wonderful places and will stay posted here. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Perfectly Lovely Week

 I don’t get bored. 

How can u get bored when u can pick up a novel and travel to Tahiti, to return home at no cost by closing the book. 

Or u can read the Bible and be thankful for the abundance of God and man, be shocked by history of war and corruption, be moved by Proverbs, or all of the above. 

That said, and except for a flash thunderstorm on Friday, it was a perfectly lovely work-week. No drama, no chaos, no ugliness at all, just peace and pajamas. 

Enjoy it while it lasts!  

Sunday, April 18, 2021

On the Road Again...

 I drive. A LOT..! 

I check my vending route at least once a week, 

I drive to stores for merchandising assignments, for errands, on shopping assignments for customers, and for courier and delivery gigs. 

Whenever I come across extraordinary experiences, positive or negative, I write reviews on 

Being that I’m sometimes sent to stores that I’d never seen or heard of before to pickup items for delivery,  I’ve learned of really cool places, especially a few restaurants that have been around for decades but I’d never heard of that I found to have exquisite menus. So look for my store reviews soon! 

An experience at a tiny bar left me so flummoxed that I had to write a review of it in Yelp when I realized that my understanding of it might be the only recent one in the life of that location. In other words, did others see the same things I did? 

Even if they did or didn’t, why can’t I write about any unusual experiences I've come across? 

And so I think I might do just that. 

Why not add a page to my blog that reviews my restaurant visits, or even store visits? 

Purely subjective, but sometimes I got a lot to say! 

Look for it soon!  

By the way, google is discontinuing automated email updates from blogs so I think it’s up to bloggers to manually send out updates. 

I’ll try my best to send some sort of work-around.