Friday, May 17, 2024

Good news or bad news first?

 I’ll post this 1st to get it over with; 

   The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is an annual festival held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. 

Apparently lychees are like strawberries.  I don’t want to judge and I can’t. 

I used to sign petitions every year to stop the Yulin dog meat festival because they steal pets and no one stops them and the gov’t can’t. I can’t find petitions for 2024. Feel free to post link here if u find one and sign it, thanks! 

Good news is that I found a rescue, by sight. I saw a beautiful tiger there who glanced at me as I rolled down the window to say hello. He went right back to his cat-nap and I drove on because how do u communicate with a tiger for pete’s sake..? 

   I found their website; 

I’m not sure what type of rescue it is, but it was easy to find with beautiful open grounds.  



Saturday, May 11, 2024

MORE Spring Colors! And a fun rescue…

 I can’t help it, I see these colors popping thru the brilliant green as I try to pass them by and can’t, so I stop to share them here. Oh, and I included a pic of a giant rock because, well, just because! :-) 



There he is! There are these tiny bright yellow butterflies all over the place! Everywhere! And yet they refuse to hold still for a photograph. They are small enuf that when u can capture a pic, they don’t show up or look like tiny yellow smudges :-/ 
I finally caught one. He’s in the top right corner perched on a pink flower cluster.  
Sorry for the massive download but these are only half of the best pics I captured…


Supposedly the above is a Musk Thistle. All those thousands of white flower clusters are Wild Carrot (?) 


The pink clusters above are either Mourning Brides or Gypsy Roses. 


Above are Pink Ladies. I see these randomly. They don’t congregate around signs or trees where water might gather, neither hill nor dale nor nice neat rows, just totally random clusters of about a dozen or so of these flowers 🌸 here or there or where u least expect them, so odd! 

More ‘Wild Carrot’ flowers. 

Don’t the above flowers look like Cleopatra from the Addams Family? ☺️ 

And last but not least, a rescue I follow on YouTube called One Happy Ass Farm! 
A donkey Rescue? Okay. They don’t seem to re-home them or raise them for export or anything, just rescues that they care for all their lives. 
Of course, they come across abandoned dogs and cats, rescue them reluctantly and try to re-home them. 
I haven’t visited there and not sure where they are located, I just follow their updates and shorts. The lady narrator and her husband are fun and engaging. 



Friday, April 26, 2024

Welcome to a new location! I love Spring..!

 Welcome to a new location! Friendly and fun, productive and clean, thanku for helping support the critters of HSUS! 

A tiny portion of the profits from my tiny route donate to Best Friends each and every month. 

On the way there, I get to sight-see and enjoy Spring sights and sounds! 

Pics don’t do it justice, tho.

All sorts of beautiful colors popping thru brilliant green!

I even found a private critter rescue that I wanted to check out but didn’t want to intrude.  



The following is a brief peek at Lee’s Country Campgrounds/Rescue



Saturday, April 20, 2024

No news is good news (?)


    Although it’s certainly not flooding, the rain hasn’t let up since last night. 

It has gotten lighter and just when I thought there was a break in the rain, I saw it was still misting. 

Easy to navigate of course, it’s the occasional storming/thunder/lightning/wind, the works! that’s slowing me down this week. 

I love wind and rain, but not driving in with traffic. 

Being that there’s no new news to report, I’m hoping to visit the route Tuesday after next. Thanku! 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

My Solar Eclipse Pics


So I was walking across the parking lot to pick up supplies for my teeny tiny route and I saw a bunch of Selfies, and then realized they were all filming in 1 direction and up, so I looked up and remembered the Eclipse, okay, might as well get my own pics and glad I did as mine are a bit unique, here’s why, (description under each pic); 


 This is what I saw with naked eye, the perfectly round tiny black dot in the middle of the sun, far, far away. 

A little closer up can see a very pronounced ‘black’ moon and a star! 

Zoomed in…

 Darkness descends at 1:30pm. 
It even looks like a sunset on the horizon, but u could see that the rays of the sun were bouncing off an over-hanging haze to the side of the eclipse! 

An all-seeing eye!  :-)  

It’s leaving…    :-( 

   And it’s gone, but the beautiful ‘black’ moon left us with a beautiful ‘black’ pelican (not photoshopped!)    

Aren’t pelicans solid white (?)  



Saturday, April 6, 2024

Happy solar eclipse day Monday

 Not my pic! Could even be photoshopped because it really is a perfect pic of what it should be like. 

   A generic pic from the web because there will be plenty of photos of upcoming solar eclipse, and this was best one of what it’s supposed to be like… 





Sunday, March 31, 2024

Hoppy Easter Sunday!

 Easter Blessings to u and yours..! 




Saturday, March 30, 2024

10 fun facts today

 1. The First Recorded Recipe is Over 4,000 Years Old:

Dating back to ancient Sumeria, the world’s oldest recorded recipe is for a hearty beer. Found on a clay tablet, the recipe outlines the process of brewing beer using ingredients such as barley, honey, and emmer wheat.

2. The Longest English Word Without a Vowel is “Rhythms”:

In the English language, the word “rhythms” stands out as the longest word without a vowel. Despite its seemingly complex arrangement of consonants, it flows rhythmically off the tongue.

3. A Group of Flamingos is Called a “Flamboyance”:

When it comes to collective nouns, few are as fitting and colorful as the term “flamboyance” to describe a group of flamingos. These vibrant birds, known for their distinctive pink hue, create a visually stunning display when gathered together.

4. The Original Monopoly Pieces Were Inspired by Charm Bracelets:

The classic Monopoly game pieces we know today were inspired by objects from a charm bracelet belonging to the game’s original designer’s niece. The idea was to introduce playful and distinctive game pieces, and thus, the top hat, thimble, and other iconic tokens found their way onto the board.

5. The World’s Longest Word Is Over 189,000 Letters:

The longest word in the English language is the chemical name for the protein known as Titin. Brace yourself: the full name is 189,819 letters long. For the sake of simplicity, it’s often abbreviated, but it holds the Guinness World Record for the lengthiest word.

6. Honeybees Recognize Human Faces:

In a testament to the incredible cognitive abilities of honeybees, studies have shown that these industrious insects can recognize and remember human faces. While not a common party trick, it showcases the intricate social structure and communication within bee colonies.

7. The Ears of a Cricket Are Located on Its Front Legs:

The seemingly delicate chirping of crickets is orchestrated by structures called tympana, which are located on the front legs of these tiny insects. This unique auditory arrangement helps crickets communicate and navigate their surroundings through sound vibrations.

8. The Longest English Word Without a Vowel is “Rhythms”:

In the English language, the word “rhythms” stands out as the longest word without a vowel. Despite its seemingly complex arrangement of consonants, it flows rhythmically off the tongues of these gentle creatures.

9. The Inventor of the Frisbee Was Turned into a Frisbee:

Walter Morrison, the inventor of the Frisbee, expressed a quirky wish in his will – to have his ashes turned into a Frisbee. True to his request, his ashes were incorporated into a limited edition series of Frisbees, allowing him to soar through the skies even after his passing.

10. There Are More Possible Chess Games Than Atoms in the Observable Universe:

The complexity of the game of chess is mind-boggling. The number of potential ways a game of chess can unfold surpasses the number of atoms in the observable universe. This astronomical number highlights the strategic depth and infinite possibilities within the game. 



Sunday, March 24, 2024

Palm Sunday Blessings today

 Crowds of people welcomed Jesus by waving palm branches and laying them on his path. 

Palm Sunday is both a happy and sad day for Christians. 

Christians feel happy because they are praising Jesus, but also sad because they know it was only one week later that he died.