Note: I have added a site I believe to be a legitimate way to check in with a favorite charity. 
The site is called Charity Watch, and can be found  HERE. 

Many of the non-national/private charities such as Blind Cat Rescue are not listed with Charity Watch, and can be found on Facebook for further information. 

 Portions of profits from route go to the following Societies and/or Centers; 

HSUS: Automated monthly payment of $5. 


Update June, 2021; HSUS redesigned their website and instead of restarting donations to HSUS, I began automated donations to the local Humane Society. 

When purchasing supplies and product, the following charities receive a percentage of each sale:

WildLife Rescue 

Greyhound Friends, Inc
Happy Paws Haven, Inc
National Marine Life Center
Oceanic Society
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Due to time constraints, I am not able to track the application of these funds.
The funds are sent automatically or during check-out, and although I can confirm that, I haven't been able to follow every dollar to its destination altho I sure would like to.  
I cannot always vouch for all charities, and try to associate with only the most reputable societies/charities.
Please check in with Charity Watch with any questions about specific animal charities.


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