Saturday, March 27, 2021

eBay Lets PayPal Go

 Okay fine, eBay doesn’t transact with PayPal anymore. 

Did they come up with their own payment system like maybe ePal, eBayPal? 

No, they are demanding access to your checking account..! 

This is horrendous. 

One of the 1st rules of Financial Peace University is to never ever give credit card companies access to your checking account. Debit cards are okay because those are treated similar to credit cards, but eBay expects full access to your hard-earned CASH..? No interim steps, arbitrator, 3rd party with no hands on your cash, just unadulterated access? Nope, I don’t think so. 

People are already investing in invisible cash, cyber money, no hard copy, just a click of a button and ‘it’ comes or goes 💸 

I can’t even sell my books on there anymore. 

eBay is awesome but not that awesome. And I can’t in good conscience promote debt cards, I mean credit cards. 

I’m sure it will be wildly popular to trust Big Brother with your wallet but my books are outta there. 

I’ll post my new site soon. I never made that much money from books anyway, it’s always been from sheer love of the written word, on paper, cloth, cardboard, any hard-copy, but not invisible digital cyber-books that can disappear with the click of a button on a whim. 

So far, I’ve never had any purchased books on my Kindle disappear from me, but I’ve had saved books that I had planned to purchase later disappear...


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dare I..?

 Okay, so at its best, my route makes about $10 per visit, at its medium, $5 a visit, and not necessarily at its worst, but at its least, $0 a day. Those are the locations that only require a cleaning and making sure the machine is up and running and doesn't need to be re-stocked. 

I can service around 10 locations a day, and that's only if everything goes even semi-smoothly. 

So I could make $100 a day, (I haven't yet), or $50 a day, (once or twice pre-pandemic), or $20 a day. 

This is difficult to remember because I was just starting to settle into a decent routine when the pandemic hit awhile back. These days it's honestly just a few dollars a day. 

The best part is that independent routes like these are flexible and fun. 

This means that I can begin adding machines back onto the route, soon, hopefully, dare I hope..?  




Saturday, March 13, 2021

God Bless Us


May Gd bless u and yours, even the house that flew the flag upside down, what a mess, this is for them, too. 




Monday, March 8, 2021

I Wish I Miss Oh Well...

 I miss, I wish, oh well... 

A wish and a dollar will get u a cup of coffee. 

I miss walking in the park, sun-bathing, and shopping. 

I wish I was a millionaire. 

Life is hard and then we die, oh well. 

I pray to God there is a God...