Saturday, October 26, 2019

Tornados are weird!

It's the calm after the storm.
Tornado touched down a few miles from here.
Virtually out of nowhere.
Sirens went off, it hit, then was gone.

Middle of the day

Sunday, October 20, 2019

One-time gig

The new gig-economy fits me just fine!
I went to a new address knowing only that I would be merchandising in a warehouse, no heavy lifting.
Turns out, it's a professional vending company..! Huge accounts.
I felt right at home, and immediately got to work organizing as much as I could.
I was humming along, literally!
Happy to be working, pleased to be around fun people that are in the same field.
It was a one-time assignment, so I'm on to the next thing, and hope luck holds out..!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Big Tex!

Texas State Fair Weekend.
Classic, country, and fun..!

Colorful Children's Aquarium

Little Tex

Big Tex

Illumination Station
I tried out one of the Infinity massage chairs for free.
It was great! Videos of lakes and rivers on giant wall screens while stretching.
So relaxing, didn't think to take pics, sorry!
Then I tried out foam mattresses with adjustable power bases for free.
I didn't get to try it out, but viewed walk-in tubs, showers, and got to dream about remodeling my future home that my vending route is going to afford me one day.
I say this every year.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Honor Boxes

These are the new Honor/Charity boxes, and they're awesome.
Much easier for me to deal with, still with donations for HSUS, the Humane Society,
and much more effective donations show up for these boxes.
Will post these on the Machine Pics tab as well.
I would like to donate to Best Friends on a regular basis, but HSUS makes it
really easy to do without interruptions of any sort. 

I donated regularly to the Wildlife Waystation in Angeles Forest, and always
wondered how they would last.
With the destructive fires in California, the most recent one proved too much,
and they are closing down, moving the animals to various sanctuaries around
the country. Martine, the founder, stated that no animals would be euthanized.
I pray for them regularly.