Saturday, June 26, 2021

Back to Chocolate

Although it makes the least, my candy route means a lot to me 

and was the reason for this blog as a form of communication for customers. 

It was once a fairly large and reasonably unwieldy route. 

During the pandemic, the route downsized to almost nothing but I kept it and learned a valuable lesson. 

 I know each of my customers now, they know me, and communication is easy.  

So getting back to the very reason for this blog, I’m including 5 more interesting facts about chocolate: 

  1. Chocolate was once money that literally grew on trees 
  2. Chocolate wasn’t always solid, or sweet 
  3. It takes 400 cacao beans to make one pound of chocolate 
  4. Chocolate contains tryptophan, very relaxing! 
  5. The outer part of the cocoa bean has anti-bacterial properties.  
There u are, good stuff.  

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Juneteenth!

 Happy Juneteenth Weekend! 

This holiday is celebrated in the state of Texas for many years, a formal holiday now. 

Considering that America is only 300 years old, and the United States even younger, slavery wasn’t that long ago, nothing was that long ago in America. Almost all other countries are 1000s of years old. 

In terms of formative years, America is still a teenager/young adult..! 

Take care of America, raise us right, stay positive, independent and true, pray to Gd continually, without expecting results, just blessings, can’t go wrong… 


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Just Saying…

 I love the old original apartment buildings. Big and friendly!

They have sequential numbers u can see from any angle, and best of all, they have the Name AND the complete full address on the front of the apartments, usually a sign or monument. 

So when GPS brings u to 2 driveways right next to each other, and there are apartment signs on each driveway with addresses, u know which one is which. 

There are a few that even share the same entrance, same driveway, similar apartment numbers. 

I can’t stand calling customers for directions, they are just hungry, sometimes even hangry, and aren’t interested in details at all. 

I’d rather stick bamboo shoots under my fingernails than call a customer for directions to their location.

 Only if they have done delivery ever in the past or present do they understand what it takes. 

The customer rarely puts the name of the apartments, and the apartments rarely put their addresses on the front of their entrances!

The worst are the newest apartment buildings that are giant blocks of concrete like prisons..! 

No name, no address, no signs. Totally locked down with gates on the doors that have magnetic keypads, no instructions, horrible! 

No visitor parking. Really hostile designers or planners in my opinion. 

It seems like delivery companies could work with apartment/condo builders to think of those things with residents in mind, just saying…

Sunday, June 6, 2021