Teeny-tiny Bookroom

  Welcome to my teeny-tiny book-room.
Way before downloads, even before laptops, (Not That long ago, btw!), I sold books and movies on VHS, then on DVDs.
   I still read every free minute, and still love the feel of books and their related photo/info pages.
Since I didn't enjoy throwing them away, I donated many of them. Others I included here for commentary and/or discussion.
  I have so many books that I can't read them all, so have included those here to find out what they may or may not be about, or just because they are so lovely or inviting.

Stephen Owen King Back Cover-Jacket
Sleeping Beauties back cover
Stephen King's Newest Novel
Stephen, Owen King Sleeping Beauties

Deliver Us from Evil back cover
Paperback back-cover
Beware the Night
Deliver Us From Evil/Beware the Night


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  1. Nice collection...I love reading book, blog as well as writing.