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  Welcome to my book review page. 
My teeny-tiny BookRoom can be found on eBay; 
 Way before downloads, even before laptops, (Not That long ago, btw!), 
I sold books and movies on VHS, then on DVDs. 
   I still read every free minute, and still love the feel of books and their related photo/info pages.
Since I don't enjoy throwing them away, I donate many of them.
Others I include here for commentary and/or discussion.
  I have so many books that I can't read them all, so have included those here to find out what they may or may not be about, or just because they are so lovely, intriguing, or inviting.


Stephen Owen King Back Cover-Jacket
Sleeping Beauties back cover
Stephen King's Newest Novel

Stephen & Owen King, Sleeping Beauties.
I read this book, very Stephen Scary King!

Deliver Us from Evil back cover     
Paperback back-cover

Beware the Night
Deliver Us From Evil/Beware the Night,
Took an online class of Mr. Sarchie, very Scary for Real..!
-As of 2019, Mr. Sarchie divorced and is living with new girlfriend.
-Everyone wants him to make a new movie, or continue with TV series and/or book, but he would
not drop his Catholic faith during exorcisms for TV, and writing was too grueling, yet he still works as an exorcist helping families to this day.
-One of his partners talked him into posting on Instagram.
The video is inside of a car in front of the Amityville horror house, where nothing happens at all.
It's cold and the windows fog up. 
He did ask questions in an EVP, but was impatient and didn't really wait for answers. 
Not his gig I guess.
-He was a bit much for Facebook and left them for another site to post. 
-As of 2020, it looks like he's returned to Facebook, 
 I had stopped following because, guess, too scary! 
-He is Not an angel, he is a bad boy with Jesus in his heart...



I do not like hunting in any of its forms, (yet another Scary reality),
but I haven't seen any images of Don Jr's kills, thank Gd! 
Otherwise, Don Jr was 100% gentleman,
and I look forward to reading his very first book, 1st Edition

December, 2020, the book was a fascinating and fast read.
I didn't realize he'd gone thru so much, much more than the news had let on.
He's crazy about his kids and apparently makes extra effort to be with them. 
I used to follow him on Instagram but it was hunting, hunting, hunting, every weekend with his kids. 
I sent for a signed copy of his 2nd book,  Liberal Privilege, no hunting pics thankfully.
No pics at all in the second book  :-/ 
Will post 2nd book here soon. 

I'm in the process of reading a copy of Ivanka Trump's book, The Trump Card, copyrighted 2009. 
So far, it's an incredibly female point of view, nurturing, soft, dignified, a nice relief from the refreshingly bluntness of Don Jr's book, the second of which I read next. 

Unless there are books I haven't found yet, I've read almost all of Donald Trump's books. 
They are all fascinating and fast reads. 
I'm putting together a Trump collection, including Trump University CDs which I won't have for sale because I'm waiting for more books.  
I can already say this, the University CDs are incredibly detailed with support from professionals in the field. Even tho the CDs are visually entertaining, the actual studies are in-depth, informative, and time-consuming. The forms alone that are included for print-out are staggering. 
There is even a budgeting page for beginners for basic budgeting! 
It's not your average real estate course. 
Tho inspiring, the course is not entertainment, it's dedicated study. 

I'm reading War and Peace on my kindle. 
It is an updated version which details and describes all the different family members and friends of friends, and friends of families. 
Whew! I hope to keep track of them all during the read! 

Yes, I’m a Conservative Trump fan and an animal-person at the same time. I annoy myself all the time. 
This book isn’t a fast read. It isn’t a documentary nor a story, and thankfully doesn’t center on abuse. 
The Humane Economy by Wayne Pacelle is mostly a focus on how important animals are to us in almost all aspects of our lives. 


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