Saturday, May 27, 2023

Likes? Loves?

? The homepage used to have several Likes but seems to have re-set :-/ 

Ever since I updated the Contact form, which updated beautifully, the Likes button reset and doesn’t accept new Likes :-/ 

I’ll try to fix or change it. In the meantime, feel free to Likes this blog and always eager to read comments! 



Saturday, May 20, 2023

Toys Galore!

 There are candy vending machines that are solid metal, heavy, and colorful. 

They can either vend gumballs, candies or toys, which vend in capsules so they can move easily thru the machines. 

There’s no mistaking they are toys, mostly because the capsules will have bracelets, fuzzy toys, small spinners, or bouncy balls in them and are never mixed with candy so there’s no confusion. 

Since I’ve moved away from vending machines over to honor boxes, I have a backlog of toys which virtually last forever, and although vending candies usually have an incredible shelf-life, they aren’t imperishable like toys are, so I’ll either be donating my remaining toys stock, tossing previous favorites, or will specify on the honor boxes that the items are either toys or candies. 

Thanku for your patience. 



Saturday, May 13, 2023

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


For my dear mother in heaven, I wish you’d stuck around a little longer, okay, a lot longer. 

Until I see u again, my thoughts are specifically with u this weekend. 

I went bluebonnet hunting and was told they could be found at a nearby park. 

I didn’t see them and will have to find out when and where they might be. 

Although I didn’t find bluebonnets, I found some fun critters on a lovely walk. 

For my Mama on Mother’s Day; 

These tiny white flowers were everywhere on bushes over 12 feet tall! Very lush place!  


A friendly squirrel 🐿 going about his business. 


A tiny, tiny bunny waiting for his mom to return… 


A beautiful family of ducks :-)  
The drake immediately swam over to his hen, who was eyeballing me with caution. 
They both watched over their brood who were happily oblivious during their meal. I guess they feed on algae and seed…


Random patches of these light pink flowers can be found just about anywhere there’s greenery.  

Happy Mother’s Day  



Saturday, May 6, 2023

Coco beans, sugar, vanilla

That’s it!  

After that, it’s a matter of preferred flavoring, oils or lecithin for viscosity. 

Of course, my beloved M&Ms will have their candy shells, peanuts, crisps, marshmallows, etc. 

Chocolate is one of the many foods that has plant-protein only, and except for milk chocolate, it contains no animal proteins. Even pollination of the cacao plants can be done by birds, winds, or manual touch. 

Don’t be fooled by imitators anywhere! The reliable original is best.