Saturday, July 6, 2019

It's Not True..!

It's just not true!
If u talk to yourself, u are not necessarily crazy!
Not even if u answer yourself!
It's called Thinking Out Loud, and it can help remember
all the things one has to do in a day.

Let's see, u can pray out loud, altho sometimes that's
best kept private.
One can't write notes nor text while driving, so what do u do?

1) U can call all over the place to try to remember what
appointments are when and where.
2) U can hire a private secretary so that u won't have to
talk to yourself like a crazy person.
3) Until Siri becomes a tad more intuitive, u can record notes
and play them back.
4) U can rely on the ole gray matter in the brain.
It's supposed to record everything one has ever done and said
somewhere in there, so use your brain, it's free.
Just a thought :-)

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