Saturday, April 6, 2019

Busy, busy, busy...

So this route is arguably a golden goose, okay, maybe a brass goose.
It drops coins every once and awhile with no overhead.
I don't really spend a lot of time with it.
Since there are comparatively so few machines, I can visit the route one day
each week, and get thru it within 4-6 weeks, every machine visited.

It takes up one morning every week, and I work in the area the rest
of the day.
It makes about $100 a month.
 I could sell the route for $1000.
It would take a year for this route to produce $1000.
The 2nd year would produce nothing because it would be sold.

I'll stay on the road and should I find work that pays more than my
route, only then can I afford to sell it.
In the meantime, it remains for sale on eBay for $6,500.00.
Item#163470916833 on eBay.

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