Monday, May 21, 2018

There Are Rescues Everywhere!

It looks like there are rescues for every main breed, and plenty of mixed-breed rescues.
Too many to list here.
Please check your local ASPCA only because those animals go first.
If u want specific breeds, the American Kennel Club has a long list
of Purebred Rescue groups, many listed by state.
The Bichon Frise group is only in New York.
The popular breeds, such as Labradors, can be found in most states.
Please check Breed Temperament for your perfect match.
They don't advertise, but u can often find all sorts of critters that the ASPCA takes in,
so don't forget the kitties/bunnies/chickens/iguanas/birds, etc...

Any Bichon-Frise needs to be rescued?
Check it out!

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