Monday, May 7, 2018

Dog N Kitty City

One of my locations today happened to ask in passing if I know of any adoption groups they could sponsor for an adoption event. I said ‘YES’ before he finished the question. Do I know of adoption groups? Are u kidding?! No one asked before! Do I know of any ‘No-Kill’ Adoption groups? Yes, but they are all too few.
Anyway, I am so thankful that/if his store holds an adoption event.
Dog N Kitty City is No-Kill mostly because they barely have enuf room to house their puppies and kitties.

The building is in an industrial area, all concrete, 1-story little bungalow, yet they still manage to have shaded outdoor runs for both dogs and cats.
The dogs and cats have so much kibble.
Tons of food donations all the time.
Plenty of water 24/7.
They have to change the cat litter almost every day because of possible bacteria.
I imagine that is mostly what drives costs up.
A nearby vet does the best they can, but they aren’t wealthy either.
One large donation/expenditure that came in went to cooling units for the dog runs. Nice!
Anyway, thanku sir just for asking.
That simple question made my day.
P.S., Adoption events help your business and theirs.

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