Machine Pics

Venstar3000 Gumball Machine.
Measures Approximately 45" height.
Gumball Mixes Only.


Single Select Gumball Machine.
Measures Approx. 43" x 7" x 7".
Gumball Mixes Only.

My Only Double Bulk Machine.
Exact same measurements as the Single Select Machine,
with 2 Machines on one wooden stand.
Green with Gold Trim.

My 1st (last?) Honor Box
15.5H x 7W x 7D

Very pleased with this new type of honor box.
Customers see where the donations are going much better here.


  1. Do I sell the machines to the public?

  2. I can, but they are retail prices right now.

  3. What cities or states do u service? Do you have machines in other states or cities?

  4. I found one of your boxes. You need a name and number on them