Machine Pics

Venstar3000 Gumball Machine.
Measures Approximately 45" height.
Gumball Mixes Only.


Single Select Gumball Machine.
Measures Approx. 43" x 7" x 7".
Gumball Mixes Only.

My Only Double Bulk Machine.
Exact same measurements as the Single Select Machine,
with 2 Machines on one wooden stand.
Green with Gold Trim.

My 1st (last?) Honor Box
15.5H x 7W x 7D

Very pleased with this new type of honor box.
My existing one on site wasn't over the top, but could service it every month, whereas the machines are much slower, so am going with these for awhile.



  1. Do I sell the machines to the public?

  2. I can, but they are retail prices right now.

  3. What cities or states do u service? Do you have machines in other states or cities?