Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Good Ole Days…

 The Good Ole Days 

In the good old days around the late 1990’s, there were warehouses full of bulk boxes of candies. 

   They all had different names and shapes, but were actually the same candy! 

   There were dozens of shapes of basic SweetTarts!  And yet, some shapes were more popular than others even tho they were the same candy. 

    Some of the shapes I remember most were tiny baby pacifiers. They measured about 1/2” each and were true sweet-tart powdery types of candy. 

There were also shapes of dogs, cats, chairs, even 🍋 lemons, cherries and various fruits. 

     A less popular sweet-tart-type candy was in the shape of couches. They were coated, a bit harder, and vended thru their machines beautifully. Bow-ties, all sorts of shapes and small sizes. 

    None of these can be found any more. 

I miss the beer-peanuts, they were real peanuts heavily coated in a rough red candy shell. They were good, too! 

    There are still Hot Tamales around, but those tiny Red Hots candies that were popular are so hard to find, they are priced like gold. 

    I do the best I can with what we’ve got left. My machines don’t take bitcoins and never will, so I’ve got gumballs, M&Ms, Skittles, or gumballs. 

    I used to vend peanuts that did fantastic in bars and next to soda machines, but they messed up the machines so much that it was impractical to keep at it. 

    So it’s basically down to good old-fashioned gumballs, which put the gum in Gumball machines. The good news is that the gums come in various flavors and colors. They are fun to vend, easy to work with, look great and taste good. 

   Any new discoveries are always appreciated..!




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