Saturday, January 30, 2021

Some Random Peacocks


Okay, so I'm checking on my honor boxes, and had to take the long way around to a store because it was school crossings hour. 

Since I had to slow down, I chose to admire a lovely white peacock toy on the lawn, then he turned to look at me! 

I didn't have time to load up a video, and besides, once I really slowed down to a crawl, I began to notice peacocks all over the place, on the roof, in the trees, on the porch, can u find them? 

What a treat! Enjoy... 

A Beautiful Toy That Looked At Me! 

There were 2 of them!

Why Did The Peacock Cross The Road?

Can U See Him? 


This One u Can See!

Peacocks Enjoying the Trees and the Weather! 



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