Saturday, November 3, 2018

I really, really want to sell this vending route...

I really want to sell this circuit.
But I can't!
It's too good of a route.
The machines are pristine and kept clean.
Finally settled in to a regular routine.

The income is slow, but that's only because I wait.
Every time I go to sell the route, I'd best refill and empty
the machines at the same time.
Then I remember that the track is paid for.
Except for monthly donations, it costs me nothing.
The responsibility is definitely distracting from my driving gigs, tho.

The regular donations to HSUS have converted over to the
Wildlife Waystation in California, only because I couldn't control the
monthly fees in HSUS online.

It is the wildlife that suffers most from the encroachment of
Researching wildlife rescues in Texas is difficult since the focus is
on the animals, and finances get neglected, and so it continues...

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