Monday, June 25, 2018

Signed MSPA for Next Year..!

Okay, so MSPA isn't being held in L.A., or anywhere in Hawaii, or Florida coast, or even anywhere warm, Pittsburgh? Fine.
Anyway, I already signed up for next year.
Anyone and everyone should check out the MSPA.

Why? Because the meetings/seminars/speakers have incredible ideas they share that applies to ANY work-related field!
I'm not even sure they realize it, but the round-tables, vendors, and speakers were quite inspiring.
I only signed up for 1 talk, and it was only 1 hour long, went by too fast!
I couldn't believe the incredible information about mystery shopping that can apply to absolutely any field.
One part that was so amazing was a company I used to shop with all the time hires private investigators, real ones! How fun!

They don't train them, tho, just hire them.
Anyway, I was so inspired, that I went out and applied to at least about a dozen jobs, and most all of them responded back.
I accepted 3 of them!
Now I have the work I want, when I want.
It's just a matter of time to see if I make enuf to travel to the MSPA convention next year.
What the heck is in Pittsburgh?
The Pittsburgh Steelers are there, must be something to it...

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