Monday, March 12, 2018

Workmen Today

I need to be working and I can't get anything done today...
So I'll include Today's TEST..!

Test your knowledge of bubble gum!

____ 1. How many sticks of gum does the average American chew in a year? 
A. 200 B. 300 C. 400
____ 2. How many tons of gum are chewed every year? 
A. 50,000 B. 75,000 C. 100,000
____ 3. If all the five-chunk packs of Bubble Yum ever chewed in the U.S. since it's introduction in 1975 were laid end-to-end, how many times would it circle the earth at the equator? 
A. 2 B. 5 C. 7
____ 4. San Luis Obispo, California, is the home of 'Bubble Gum Alley'. What is it? 
A. An alley with brick walls covered with ABC (already-been-chewed) gum wads. B. The place where bubble gum was invented.
C. The home of the largest collection of bubble gum machines.
____ 5. Richard Walker holds the record for the Chomp Title by chewing 135 sticks of gum for the longest time. How long did he chomp?
A. 5 hours B. 6 hours C. 8 hours
____ 6. The Topps company holds the record for having made the largest single piece of bubble gum. How many pieces of normal-sized Bazooka did it equal?
A. 5000 B. 8000 C. 10, 000
____ 7. The 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card is the most valuable Topps Company card. How much did it sell for at auction?
A. $75,000 B. $120,000 C. $1,000,000
____ 8. What is the Official Gum of Major League Baseball? 
A. Bubble Yum B. Bazooka C. Topps
____ 9. When was the first successful bubble gum invented? 
A. 1891 B. 1906 C. 1928
____ 10. Susan Mont"Gum"ery Williams is the Guinness Record Holder Of the Worlds Largest Gum Bubble. How big was it?
A. 19 inches B. 23 Inches C. 27 inches

Answers Next Week... 


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