Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Christmas Month!

I actually have a route!
It's no longer alphabetical,
but is closest to furthest.
Not yet a dream route exactly,
but still fun!
P.S., I adopted my cat from
the Humane Society of Dallas.
Her name is Pat, and she's my
Halloween cat! She's a tortoiseshell.
She's going to be 11 in March, and
was born at the shelter.
They say she wouldn't have ever been
adopted. Don't know why, such a blessing!
Sometimes it's not a match, so we were lucky,
altho' I must say that I observed her for a year
before I brought her home, and I was right,
she's perfect.
I think the cats learn manners at the shelter,
because she is so well-behaved.
Am adding new photos to the site, maybe even
a new tab or two...

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