Monday, November 13, 2017

One Up, One Down

Placed a new double-headed bubblegum machine today.
It's a really nice one if I do say so.
Forest green body with gold metal trim on a wooden stand.
Pics are up on the Machines tab.

I'm pretty sure a little family was pocketing jewelry from the
open jewelry carousel at a different location.
They were in layers and layers of sweaters on a warm day, right on top of the tiny earrings.
When I had to move a gum machine near them to service it, they
moved away from the carousel and the little girl began crying.

There was a security guard at the front, facing the wrong way!
Surely there are cameras?
I watched them for a minute out of curiosity, but I had to tend to my business.
 I sure dislike rip-offs in any form.
If I was a security guard, I would have asked them if they
would like a basket for all those earrings.

Removed a Vendstar machine from a reeeeeeeally slow location.
Single owner that took off for breakfast, lunch, weddings, etc...
Really cute place, too, but he was hardly ever there.
Was busy when open, but customers couldn't be there when it
was closed! So out it goes to be re-placed.

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